Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Emma's Cherry Angels

My great grandmother loved angel food cake. She would make it and then frost it with maraschino cherry frosting. While my parents have been visiting, my mom and I have been cupcaking and this evening, tried to recreate my great grandmother's signature dessert.

I never tasted my great grandmother's dessert, but my mom (her granddaughter) says that Emma would be proud of these little beauties.
Grandma Brown, these cupcakes are for you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I can't believe I'm even writing about this. My son is 4 1/2. Why on earth would I need to be breaching this subject with him?

I don't know why, but we are. In the last 2 days, I've had 2 moms come to me and tell me that my son was kissing their daughters.

Really? Really?

I don't even know what to say.

My boy doesn't go around kissing people (or does he!?) He is pretty affectionate at home. But it always seems to be with Mommy and Daddy not his sister or brother.

Seems it always starts with some sort of pretend play. House mostly. He's always the Daddy and the girl is either the Mommy or the baby. It's hard to determine why kissing enters the picture. The real story is somewhere between his story and the little girl's story. I wish there was a way to know exactly.

Then there's the task of explaining why kissing isn't appropriate. Yeah, that's really easy. As he's crying uncontrollably because he thinks he's in trouble. He doesn't want to talk about it! He says he doesn't want to get in trouble! He says that the kissing didn't start with him but with "her". (I wouldn't blame the girls at all...he IS darn cute!)

This is just the beginning of things to come. I'm not looking forward to Jr. High.

Girls, my boy is off limits. He's my sweetie. He's saving his kisses for his Mommy.
Son, girls are off limits. The girls are saving their kisses for their Daddies.

Let's keep our lips to ourselves...can we please?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cupcake Poll

The Sassy Cupcake OC is getting ready to launch a "Flavor of the Week" special! This means that our minimum of 3 dozen does not apply! It's your lucky day (or week!) Each Monday, The Sassy Cupcake OC will announce the flavor of the week. You'll have until Thursday at noon to place your order. Deliveries (within 5 miles) will be made on Friday. Arrangements for pick up can be made when you contact us.
So take our poll and let us know what flavors you'd like to see offered!

Leave your choice in the comments section so we can be sure to offer your favorite flavors!

Visit our flavors page for inspiration and if you have a favorite that you don't see listed, let us know that too!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Made for my little boy who often acts like a monster.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Today, my son was unusually helpful. He helped without complaining, he completed the job and he asked if there was anything else he could do to help. I don't remember the last time one of my children did that! So, since this was so out of the ordinary and I wanted to make a point, I told him that he'd be rewarded for his helpfulness.

We don't do allowance around here. Household chores are just part of being a part of this family. But every once and a while, a special reward is granted.

So, tonight when the other 2 kids were around, I pulled out my wallet to give my boy a few quarters for his bank. He knew that the reward was for him and was excited to see what he was gonna get.

I handed him 2 quarters for which he was super excited but in the next breath, this conversation began:

Mommy: Thank you so much for being so helpful today.
Zack: Are these monies for me?
Mommy: Yes, they are yours.
Zack: What about green money?
Mommy: What do you mean?
Zack: I can't buy anything with this, I need green money.

I think the "money" reward got lost in translation.