Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Word Tag

I was tagged, and I’m supposed to give you one word answers, immediate responses to phrases.

Where is your cell phone? … desk
Your significant other? … Dave
Your hair? … dirty
Your mother? … gone
Your father? … somewhere else
Your favorite thing(s)? … family
Your dream last night? … none
Your favorite drink? … wine
Your dream/goal? … baby weight gone (how do i answer that with one word?)
The room you’re in? … office
Your fear? … bad guys
Where do you want to be in 6 years? … debt free
Where were you last night? … couch
What you’re not? … high maintenance
Muffins/donuts? …muffins
One of your wish list items? … diamonds
Where you grew up? … La Mirada
The last thing you did? … gave morning hugs
What are you wearing? … sweats
Your TV? … damaged
Your pet? … fish
Your computer? … always on
Your life? …chaotic
Your mood? … sleepy
Missing someone? … Mom
Favorite pastime? … reading
Something you’re not wearing? … my rings
Favorite Store? … Target
Your summer? … too short
Your favorite color? … RED
When is the last time you laughed? … minutes ago
Last time you cried? …this morning
Who will re-post this? …no clue
Four places I go over and over? … school, bank, grocery store, church
Four people who e-mail me? … Jill, Facebook, B and Dave
Four of my favorite foods? … Mexican, Mexican, Mexican, Mexican
Four places I would like to be right now? … Vacation, Bed, Vacation, Bed
Four people I tag? … Don, Laura, Heather, Emily

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland

The view from our Town Center this morning. Never seen snow on these hills before!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Working for Money

Today while Dave was getting ready for work, Zack was following him around, talking about his favorite thing of all time...trains.

In the midst of the conversation Zack said:

Zack: Daddy, what ya doin?
Daddy: Getting ready for work.
Zack: Why?
Daddy: To make money.
Zack: To put in my choo-choo bank?

Oh, if he only knew....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shots and Lollipops

Today, Josh had a well baby checkup and Zack had a flu shot. While driving to the Dr.'s office, I told Zack that both he and Josh had to get shots. He of course didn't want one and was sad that Josh had to get 3 shots. So in a ploy to bargain with him, I told him that after his shot was done, he'd get a lollipop, maybe even 2 if Dr. Clark would let him.

So once we got there, he continued to deny it, but I could tell he was trying to convince himself that having a lollipop, maybe 2, would make up for the "5 minutes" of hurt!

Joshua went through his well baby check and once we were done with that, we decided that Zack should have shots first since Josh would need me to hold and snuggle him and I wouldn't be able to do that if I was consoling Zack too.

Dr. Clark left the room, and we got Zack ready. He was sitting on my lap with his little thigh bare and ready for his shot. Dr. Clark came back in, put the little alcohol pad on Zack's leg, told Zack to look at me and with only a little wince later, it was done! No screaming. No crying. No kicking or fit throwing. It was amazing!

Zack looked at me, I looked at him. He started to grin and I told him to give me a high 5, that he'd done so well. He turned to me and said, "Mommy, I get a lollipop? Maybe 2?" Dr. Clark said, "Yes!" He deserved 2 lollipops. Out came the basket of lollipops and he had no trouble choosing 2. And within 30 seconds, the first one was gone!

That's my boy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We've been working hard the last few days trying to bring the spirit of Christmas into the house. Today, we put up our "family" tree. The tree with the homemade ornaments, trinkets and Christmas cards from years past. Gabby did most of the ornament hanging (which was very nice!) I know she'll want to help me with the formal tree that goes up in the living room, but that's Mommy's tree! Once we get things complete around here, I'll post the final pictures. But, this is a good start for now.