Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trip Update (Part 2)

So, since I last wrote you, we were in New Mexico somewhere. We've now made it to Missouri! We've had a long couple of days but we're still all in one piece, the kids are doing remarkably well for their ages and we're having a good time. Last night, we pushed through till about 1:30am and ended up in Weatherford, OK. We slept for a few hours and were back on the road by 9am this morning. Today, we made it through OK and into Missouri. The goal was to get to St. Louis, but we didn't make it due to a really heavy thunderstorm. We decided to pull off into Glen Oak RV park and set up camp for the night. We had a good and hot dinner, baths all around and were in bed by 8:30. We hope to get out of here by at least 9am tomorrow, Dave would like to leave by 7am! (I don't think that can happen!) But, I guess we'll see.
Until later....

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Trip Update (Part 1)

So, we left our home in CA on Saturday and as of Sunday night, we're in Grants, New Mexico at an RV campsite called Lavaland (from where I'm blogging right now!) Our trip started out a bit bumpy to say the least. As we started into Thousand Palms, we noticed one of the trailer wheels was smoking. So we pulled over at Agua Caliente Resort and Casino and low and behold, the trailer brake that we'd had replaced just 3 days before was the one that was smoking! So after about 5 calls to brake places in the area, we found one that was just closing, but would wait for us to arrive. After 45 minutes of trying all they could do, Dave decided to have them just disconnect that brake and we'd continue on to Cave Creek, AZ on 3 trailer brakes instead of 4.
We pulled into my college girlfriends house at about 12:45am on Sunday morning to find that there wasn't enough amps in the plug on the side of their house to power up the air conditioner in the trailer. No big deal, right? We'll it was 115 out! No way we could stay in the trailer as planned. So, luckily she'd left the side door to the house open and we tip-toed in, with kids, blankets, friends and whatever else we'd need for the night and crashed on their floor.
We woke this morning, after only 4 hours of sleep to giggling kids. Memory makers, right?
Our trip today has been pretty uneventful, with the exception of the huge thunder and lightening storm that hit just as we pulled into Lavaland. We ended up sitting in the car for almost 30 minutes while it poured, flashed and banged all around us. Needless to say, Zack and Josh were not impressed. When it finally slowed enough for us to jump from the car to the trailer, Zack said, "Mommy, I'm never going outside ever again". Somehow I don't believe that for a second.
Pictures are coming. I'm so exhausted, I didn't have it in me to download the pictures. But if you're watching Facebook, you'll get the play by play, including pictures.
The goal for tomorrow is to make it all the way through New Mexico! We'll see how we do.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Road Trip

Today, the road trip begins. You can see the map of our travels here. I'll be blogging my way across the USA so check back to see our many adventures.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Update

A few months ago, the kids and I planted a garden. The kids have been completely obsessed with tending it. Watering it, pulling weeds, and daily looking for any signs of vegetables. Over the past months, they've begun to see the fruits of our labor. They love seeing vegetables hanging from the plants.

Win a Stroller

I found out about this contest from my sister Car and Caboodle has teamed up with Let's Go Strolling to find the best theme park stroller. They are giving away a Maxi Cosa Loola
It retails for almost $400!!!
Want to enter to win? Click here and enter by Friday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We saw this in our backyard

Picture was found here.
You can read all about this wasp with the worst sting in North America here.
The kids don't want to go outside ever again.

Update: We've just had a whole school lesson on these wasps! These wasps don't normally sting humans. They are looking for a tarantula to lay an egg in. The wasp stings the tarantula and paralyzes it and then lays her egg. Once the egg hatches, the newly born Tarantula Hawk eats the tarantula who has been it's host for lunch! YUCK!

For a video, click here

Enough insect science for today. I think i'd rather color.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fun

Nothing better than eating ice cream cones outside after playing in the fountain.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Art Lessons

Gabby had her first taste of real art class over the last 2 days. She was extra happy that her cousin BZ was in the class with her! And I think they both are hooked.

Thank you Cindy for a great 2 days! See you in 2 weeks for Butterfly day!