Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick Ones Update

So, Gabby has been on antibiotics since Monday last week. Just yesterday, Zack decided to join her and his ear infection started. One trip to kids urgent care and 2 pharmacies later (and NO antibiotics by the way) we were back home. Now, the story about the pharmacy not filling his prescription. . . It's Saturday night at 6:50p and I drive up to the window at CVS drive thru. I see that they close at 7p, so I'm thinking, "great! I made it just in time". I hand the prescription over and the gal at the window starts asking me questions that make me realize that I'm not going to be able to get his medicine! So, I said to her, "Am I going to be able to get this filled tonight?" She says, "no". I look at my watch and yes, it's 6:50pm and they close at 7:00pm. Funny, I didn't know that 6:50p was the same as 7:00p. So i snatch the prescription out of her hand and take off for another pharmacy. Again, no luck. We came home empty handed and doubled up on motrin to make it through the night. Luckily, we did.

After church, we headed back to CVS drive thru and guess what? That same gal was working the drive through. She remembered me. She said, "oh, you're back". I said, "yes, I wasn't able to find a pharmacy to fill this and my poor boy has been in pain". She says, "oh! well, it usually takes at 15 minutes to fill this, can you give me that long?"

Are you kidding me? Last night she was nearly pushing me out of the drive thru and now she's willing to fill the prescription in 15 minutes.

Now that the two older kids have ear infections, I'm just waiting for the baby to come down with it too.

Will it end?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you're not alone. My two toddlers (ages 1 & 2) have been on breathing treatments for cough for it seems like forever (at least a month now). Three of my kids are on antibiotics -- two for ear infections, and one of them is for, well, a finger "thing." My 6 yr old son (a boy if I've ever seen one) must have not washed his hands or something because he got a crazy green infection on his finger! Guurooosssss! Plus I'm just finding out that one (maybe two) of my kids has asthma, or possibly just seasonal asthma. Anyway, tough times right now. In sickness and in health right?!!