Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Hot Air Balloon

Today my neighbor and I took our kids to the hot air balloon (as they like to call it). Now, yes it's a hot air balloon, but it's tethered down. This balloon is on the now closed El Toro Marine Base. Since the closing of the base, the community has been back and forth about what to put there. For a while, they wanted to build an airport there. Now they've decided to build "The Great Park"
The place is supposed to be pretty amazing once it's done. But for now, the balloon is really cool and it's free!

After the balloon ride, we wanted to go out for free burritos. Yes, I said free. See picture below:

But the line was wrapped around the building. I bet there were 100 people in line for free burritos. Oh well, we might try to go there for dinner instead.

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