Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We saw this in our backyard

Picture was found here.
You can read all about this wasp with the worst sting in North America here.
The kids don't want to go outside ever again.

Update: We've just had a whole school lesson on these wasps! These wasps don't normally sting humans. They are looking for a tarantula to lay an egg in. The wasp stings the tarantula and paralyzes it and then lays her egg. Once the egg hatches, the newly born Tarantula Hawk eats the tarantula who has been it's host for lunch! YUCK!

For a video, click here

Enough insect science for today. I think i'd rather color.

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Anonymous said...

God is a great creator! Glad no one got stung. Beautiful picture. Love, "GG"