Sunday, October 11, 2009

Moving Day

This weekend has been one of lots of furniture that is.

We've talked for months about moving the boys together so Gabby could have her own room. This weekend we bit the bullet and did it.

The boys love being together with 24/7 access to their Thomas the Tank Engine train table (they were up at 5am this morning playing choo-choo). Josh loves having a big boy bed to play on, sleep in and roll his trains on. I'm just very grateful that he still wants rocked to sleep. I don't think I could bare it if I had to get rid of all the baby stuff, all at the same time. I've rocked from here to China at least 6 times in my rocking chair. Three babies later, I know I'm living on borrowed time. Soon, my last baby will no longer want to be rocked to sleep. I can't dwell on that.

Now, it's off to sewing a lady bug quilt and matching curtains for my girl.

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