Thursday, September 16, 2010


School has started. We have a second grader and Jr. K kid this year. Time sure does fly.

I'm not sure where the summer went but in a weeks time we somehow have found ourselves right back where we left off in June. Although, the smiles are brighter, there is anticipation and excitement as we load the car and head off to school. Our Jr. K kid didn't shed one tear or have one sad look as I left him in his class (which is a FEAT!) Our second grader loves to be dropped off at school this year, rather than having Mommy wait with her until the door opens. Our kids are growing up and there seems to be nothing that can stop it!

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Anonymous said...

So glad the start to a new year went without missing a beat. Yep, life runs by fast. Do you remember the little ring bearer at your wedding? He is 21 now. The only thing that is true and never changes is our Faithful God. Missing you all. Love