Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Out and In

We're out of our "stop over" place.

We're in our permanent place. Where our kids will grow up. Where we will play in the pool all day. Where we'll make new friends and have fun at the park. Where we'll share our place with friends and neighbors. Where we'll start a boy in kindergarten and a boy in preschool. Where our girl will start third grade. WOW!

We still have boxes everywhere and tons of furniture we'll have to sell. But...we're out of our "stop over" place and we're.........



Anonymous said...

You now can relate to Dorothy(wizard of oz) and ET.
How wonderful to have your own place again. God is
Good and Greatly to be Praised- while counting your many blessing, seeing what God has done(and will do). So excited for you all!!!!!! LOVE

Shasha said...

Dad and I are so thrilled to know you are "home" and what a home it is. You have been given a gracious gift and the kids love it too. I was so happy to help you make the transition. I have the best thighs in VA now!!