Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little of this and a little of that

So much to catch up on...can I do it in one post?

River trips to Laughlin since June?--3. It's been a great boating summer!
Days in the pool? Almost all of them since school let out. The kids are FISH! Zack dives like a champ, Gabby swims like a mermaid and Josh is the fastest kicker around!
Visits to Pretend City?-- 2. The kids still love to pretend together.
Weight loss for Mommy?--22 lbs. Mommy has been working hard and the hard work is paying off! Only 18 more lbs to go and she'll be at her goal!
Visits from Shasha and Papa?--1. We had a wonderful 7 days with them and didn't want them to leave!
Fun with the Red Hatters?--2 times. The Red Hat Society is so much fun. The ladies in my group are full of spunk and are certainly fun. They treat me like I've been with them since the beginning. Looking forward to spending more time with them!
Visits to the OC Fair?--1. We ate our way through the fair! Turkey legs, pulled pork, roasted corn, icecream, funnel cakes, pizza, sausage with grilled peppers and onions. The kids rode rides up until the last possible minute. Such a fun day!
Vacation Bible School?--1 full week. An amazing week of learning directly from God's word and working with volunteers.
Time spent with friends?--Lots! We had so many friends over to swim. We played with the neighbor kids in the street with bikes and scooters. We attended birthday parties and had sleep overs. Lots of memories made!
Swim lessons?--Yes! Miss Lesa is a great teacher and the kiddos love her.
More fun to come? Of course! We are going to Lake Powell tomorrow for a week on a houseboat with our good friends.

We are living up the last moments of summer to their fullest.

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