Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dr. Cook passes away

Dr. Clyde Cook, former President of Biola University passed away on Friday, April 11. He's fondly remembered by all.
When my Dad was interviewing at Biola, he brought the entire family for the interview since the job would mean moving us 3000 miles across the country.
During one of the meetings, we all had lunch in the cafeteria with Dr. Cook. I remember being very nervous (I was 14 at the time). Dr. Cook was sitting across from me and during the conversation, he turned to me and said, "What do you like most about your Dad?". Thinking this was very know, the make it or break it question for my Dad, I wanted to make a good impression and show Dr. Cook that my Dad knew a lot about math and numbers (since he was interviewing for a Finance job), I said, "my favorite thing about my Dad is that he sits at the kitchen table with me and helps me with my math homework".

Of course, Dad got the job!

Dr. Cook, we'll miss you.


AllyZabba said...

I wish I remembered that. I only remember being in his office and being a little scared of him. He was so tall, his voice was so deep and his eyes were so crazy blue. It is sad that he is gone.

Anonymous said...

Hey mommy of 3 precious souls,
you need to post that same memory on the Clyde blog. It is precious and very funny. Many will chuckle when they read it. Not only did dad get the job but you got a quality education!!