Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I could have brought for "i" day

Gabby's preschool goes through the alphabet 1 letter per week. Each week, they have the kids bring something from home that starts with the letter for that week. They stand in front of the class and give clues about their item and the other kids have to try to guess what it is. We're on "U" this week, but Gabby likes to look back and think of things she could have brought for weeks passed.
So, today, she was thinking about "i" day. Here were her clues. Can you guess what she could have brought?

1. it's white
2. it has a case to keep it clean
3. it sings you to sleep at night

Post your guess in the comments...tomorrow I'll tell you what it was.

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AllyZabba said...

i know, i know!