Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Here we go again

Tomorrow we start our new nanny search. I've got 2 interviews lined up for tomorrow. Wouldn't it be great if one of those gals were the one? Get me out of the interviewing process early!!!! I have learned quite a few things about what to ask during the interview. Here are just a few things...

1. Can you discipline?
2. Do you change diapers?
3. Do you know how to make a bottle of formula?
4. Can you put them down for naps? Even if they are screaming that they don't want to?
5. Will you play with my kids and not just plop them down in front of the TV?
6. Can you create an environment of creative play? Help the kids use their imaginations?
7. How long can you commit to investing in the kids lives?
8. Do you have dependable transportation?
9. Are you one to get overwhelmed and back out of commitments?
10. Are you a creative lunch maker?
11. Would you be willing to work some nights so that my husband and I can have date night?
12. Are you comfortable working in our home while I'm here?

Has anyone interviewed for a nanny before? Do you have any suggestions for questions?

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