Monday, August 11, 2008

Daddy's Joy Jar

I've been teaching the Fruits of the Spirit in Gabby's children's church class. Each week, I try to give the kids something to take home that helps them apply what they've learned.
Two weeks ago, we learned about Joy and each child made a joy jar. They were to put a bead into the jar each time they did something with joy in their hearts (first time obedience, doing something kind for someone etc)
So, last night, we took the kids to the train station to watch the "real choo-choos". Our boy LOVES choo-choos! We picked up some take out and were sitting at a picnic table at the station, watching the trains come and go. As we sat there, a homeless man came up to us and asked Dave for some money or food. I just looked away, trying to ignore him, but Dave asked him how long it had been since he'd had a meal. The man replied, it had been a few days. Dave handed him a piece of our KFC chicken and told him to enjoy it. The man took the chicken, said thank you, and walked away.
As the man walked away, I wondered if Gabby had caught any of the conversation. Without fail, she said to me, "Mommy, if Daddy had a joy jar, we could give him some beads. He gave that man some of our dinner".

So, what we do teach in Children's church DOES get through!


AllyZabba said...

that is so wonderful! i am a PROUD & teary Auntie!

Anonymous said...

You are a good teacher at SS and at home...IT all goes together. Keep up the good work and don't weary in well-doing. You are reaping the stuff that comes from consistency!! Keep listening little sugar cream.