Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hey, That's a Grandma

Today, we were out running errands and had to stop at the gas station to get gas. While I was filling up the truck, the kids were in the car, talking, fighting and just generally complaining. Zack looks out the window and says, "Hey Mommy, that's a grandma!" "Hi, Grandma!". Parked in front of me was the "little old lady from Pasadena." She was so cute with her long silver hair in a bun. She must have been somewhat technologically savvy because she used the pay cash at the pump machine.

So, as she heard Zack say hi, she turned and said hi back stating that she didn't see him in there. Zack again yelled, "she's a grandma!" She heard him say something but she didn't understand his I repeated, "He said, ""That's a Grandma""."
She told me she was a Great-Grandma and then stopped herself and said, "Oops! I'm a great-great grandma!" I forgot the new one that just came this year.

I hope that if I make it to Great-Great Grandma, I'm able to drive my car, walk unaided, able to put my sliver locks in a cute bun and pay for my gas at the pay cash at the pump machine.


AllyZabba said...

you are totally gonna be that grandma. you will still have your apple privileges too, so all your grandkids will be calling you for apple discounts and/or free stuff. you are gonna be the coolest, techiest grandma around.

shasha said...

No bun for me......I still like the sassy look even though my grandma skills are quite good!! Gosh choo-choo boy doesn't call me grandma..wonder why?
Hmmm...maybe he thinks shasha is his sister!!! (ha)