Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who's Reading?

It's been a few weeks since I put a sitemeter on my blog, just to see who's reading. There aren't but a select few who choose to comment on my posts and usually, they are family or close friends. So, I often think there aren't many who read my ramblings about things.
But tonight while grazing through pages of referring urls, I found a mom of 3 who actually links to me from her blog. I don't personally know this mom, but I'm sure she's wonderful!
I guess, you never know who's reading or how strangers find your blog.
If you're reading, keep checking back and let me know you've stopped by by leaving a comment. Would love to hear from you.


allyzabba said...

there really are a lot of lurkers out there!

Heidi said...

How do you put a tracker on your blog?? That would be fun to have! I asked my computer husband and he said he didn't know...nice!