Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mob Wars

Ok, so I haven't been blogging much lately. I know. But I've been sucked into Facebook AND to Mob Wars. I have quite a life of crime online. Mob Wars is a Mafia style game where you rob people, jewelry stores, smuggle know, your everyday crime! You collect weapons and buy up parts of the city to make more money. My arsenal includes: 5 Wesson PPCs, 1 Double Barrel 45, 5 Tactical Shotguns, 1 Colt 1911, 2 44 Magnums, 4 Pump-Action Shotguns, 3 Tommy Guns, 15 Assault Rifles, 2 Miniguns, 12 Grenade Launchers, 25 Body Armors, 1 Crown Vic, 1 BMW 735, 3 Mercedes W220s, 5 Armored Range Rovers, 3 Armored Trucks, 4 S.W.A.T Bearcats, and 1 Yacht.
I also own quite a bit of the city! 1 Empty Downtown Square (on which I'm planning to place an Office) and 1 Container Yard. I own 2 Apartment Buildings, 3 Hotels, 2 Highrise Apartments.
It's really sad how addicting this whole Mob Wars thing has become. I find myself constantly looking at the fight list to see if there is anyone logged in with a Mob smaller than mine so that I can attack them and steal their money. But you do have to be careful who you steal from because they might get mad enough to add you to the Hit List where within a matter of seconds, you'll be dead (which has happened to me 5 times now!)
Want to join my mob? Leave a comment. Let's take over the city together!

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