Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boys' Green Thumb

This morning the boys and I did some yard work. I couldn't find my small shovel to dig holes with so I asked Zack to get me a spoon from the kitchen. Big mistake. While I was working on trimming another bush, Zack proceeded to bang my spoon on the sidewalk. Now, it's rough around the edges. Who would want that in their mouths?
So, after I quickly removed the spoons from my 4 year olds hands, I dug some holes and we planted the flowers we got from Pretend City's Spring Event. Aren't they cute?

On a completely different subject, my Mom sent me a photo of my Dad and his two sisters when they were very little. Doesn't that sweet little boy in the middle look like my sweet little Joshy?

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shasha said...

I loved seeing the two side by side. It's amazing how much your dad and Josh resemble one another. I guess Josh has more Schreiber in him than Vivona! Zack is more Hillard than Vivona too. But GAbby is a true Vivona!!