Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Happy Birthday to my Dad. The man who always makes me feel like a million bucks, even when circumstances are far from a million bucks. To my Dad who loves my kids and his son-in-law like they were his own. To my Dad, who still calls me on the phone just to talk. To my Dad, who will drink a margarita (or two!) with me any day! To my Dad, the man who taught me to never settle for second best, how to balance the computer store budget, and showed me how a husband is supposed to love his wife.
Dad, I love you so much and I wish I was there to celebrate with you today. But hang on just 17 more days and we'll do our share of celebrating! Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

shasha said...

Can't wait til you get here. Yes...we will celebrate. Such sweet comments and we felt the love. We love you tons.