Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 90th

Today, my grandmother would have been 90 years old. It still doesn't seem right that she's gone. I miss her so much! I know she's in heaven with Pappy and they aren't eating angel food cake because it has less sugar in it than regular cake. I bet Pappy is lathering on the frosting now...thick and high! And if he's not frosting the cake, he's got his finger in the frosting bowl! Mommom is probably making coffee for Pappy and for all the neighbors who are coming to celebrate.
Mommom, we miss you so much. We'll be having a party for you tonight after dinner. So, be looking down from heaven about 6:30pm California time. We'll be singing happy birthday, eating cake and icecream and celebrating how much we love you!

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Shasha said...

I really miss my mom!