Tuesday, May 6, 2008

When the boys are away

The girls will play!

This past weekend was our annual "girls day out" with mom. Each year, sister and I go out with mom and she "sponsors" everything! The shopping, the lunch....anything we want to do!!!
This year, the shopping came much easier than previous years. We actually ran out of time. I think we could have done alot more damage, but the clock was ticking...and we didn't want Dad to get too upset when he saw the AMX bill!
Thank you Mom for a wonderful Saturday! You said you'd like to do it every month...can we? can we?


AllyZabba said...

oh yeah..can we...can we?! i wanted to see if i could get a rain check on the rest of the limit that we ran out of time for?? sister really needs a new pair of shoes! =)

Anonymous said...

When are the boys going away again.....huh?.....huh?