Saturday, January 10, 2009

Macaroni and Milk

Tonight while talking to my mom who is literally walking down memory lane in PA, she told me about a meal she used to make my sister and I when we were little and living on a very tight budget. Macaroni and Milk. I decided to make it for my kids tonight and you thought Mac and Cheese from the blue box was gobbled up quickly? This disappeared from their plates in 5 minutes! Even Josh was "yumming" after each bite! So, here's the recipe. Try'll like, no I mean, you'll love it!

1 1/2 cups of macaroni. Cooked and drained.
1 cup of milk
1 stick of butter
Salt and pepper to taste.

Once you've cooked the macaroni, immediately drain and then add butter and milk, salt and pepper. Simmer slowly, until creamy and not so soupy. Be sure to taste it before you serve. It needs to taste salty, buttery, creamy.

We're talking major comfort food!

If you're on a budget...this meal literally cost me $1! Carbs, protein....what more could you ask for?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am familiar with that combo. We also used
it with our kids during our years in upstate N.Y.
Sometimes I added tuna fish and peas for variety- when the budget would allow for more. GG

The Nadeau Family said...

I cooked this for lunch yesterday and it was sooo yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

momof3under5 said...

i'm so glad you liked it! I'll have to tell Mom that her budget meal has made it 1/2 way across the country! :) Just beware, your kids will start asking for it all the time. It's Gabby's favorite now and the first thing out of her mouth when I ask what she wants for lunch is "macaroni and milk"! :)