Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I'm a bit early...but tomorrow, January 4, 1997 was my wedding day. What a day it was! Up early with Mel and off to the hairdresser (who had blue hair!) and then off to the mall at the makeup counter where a friend of mine was working and she gave me a free makeover. Then raced to the church to get dressed and ready for pictures. Dave and I decided to do our photographs before the wedding since we hated making all our guests wait during the reception but I still got my "first glance" moment. We decided to clear the church before we started pictures. Dave was waiting at the alter and I walked down the aisle, just like during the ceremony, except it was just the two of us! As I walked down the aisle, I felt like the most beautiful person in the whole world! After a little kiss, Dave said to me, "Hey, do you know who put $2000 in our checking account?". I said, "no, who would do that?". Dave said, "I talked to a bank teller and they said that the person wanted to remain nameless."

After a wonderful ceremony, we ate and talked with friends and quickly left for a weekend away (yes, it was ONLY a weekend!) in Santa Barbara. Dave had just started his new assignment and was given 2 days off for our honeymoon.

We got back home, only to find out that the money that had mysteriously found it's way into our checking account, was removed as quickly as it was put in. One of the tellers had keyed in the account number incorrectly. Bummer!

12 years later, 3 kids later, numerous movies, coffees and roses later, I'm still in love with the man who called my bluff and asked me on a date when he won the Hoffman Award at Biola. I love you, Dave!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks the walk down memory lane.
My how time flies. Praise God for His faithfulness
in our lives. We love you. "GG"

The Nadeau Family said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember when he first started coming around. He made you so giddy! You have made a beautiful family!! Congrats!