Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today I got a fun email asking if I were seen in the back of a police car, what would my friends think I was being arrested for. After polling email friends and facebook, these were the answers. Kinda Fun!

1. Stealing an apple.
2. Letting your boy run naked in the front yard.
3. Causing damage to a PC or a PC user.
4. Speaking out against the ruling regime.
5. Breaking up the protesters against prop 8.
6. Hacking Software.
7. Road rage from yelling at LA drivers "You're all the same"
8. Public exposure except for the Napa Valley mud covering you in all the right places.
9. Too many crumbs and sippy cups on the floor of your car.
10. You weren't being arrested, you were on a ride along with your hubby. Even in cuffs, I couldn't begin to fathom what you were arrested for.
11. Sneaking a peek at a PC or maybe burning one.
12. You were cuddling with your husband.
13. Shoplifting.
14. I would assume it was a aren't the type!
15. Stealing---because if you're hungry, you just eat!

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