Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knock Down, Drag Out

I just had the biggest knock down, drag out with the other lady of the house. WOW. I didn't know she could get that worked up or was that strong for that matter.
For 45 minutes, I'd been asking her to pick up her room. She'd spent the afternoon up there playing and had nearly every toy out. You couldn't walk in there! So, I had to continue to ask, beg, and plead for her to pick things up. Finally, after 45 minutes and nearly nothing was picked up, I told her she needed to get her PJs on.
I've threatened for some time now that if she didn't pick up her things, I'd bag them up and throw them in the garbage. I think she saw it in my eyes. I started picking things up and taking them out to the hallway. She started screaming and hanging on to her things for DEAR LIFE! There was screaming and yelling (so lady like I know!) and I even got "I'm going to tell Daddy!" Does she really think he'll side with her?
Now, I'm not going to throw her things in the garbage, but I'm going to make her EARN them back.

I still can't believe that the girl I just saw could come out of MY girl. Oh, a picture of things to come....


allyzabba said...

i have seen that girl come out of my girls too. it is frightening how quickly they can snap! having to earn back her toys is a good lesson. next time she will likely clean up her room a bit faster.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm not home babe.

vertigob said...

Oh, Miss Amy, I feel your pain.

We are dealing with Mr. H, three yrs old, chock full of attitude, rage, chip on his shoulder. Right now he HATES his little sister and we are fighting pretty much around the clock.

I am at a loss. I miss my sweet little boy that has been replaced with PMS Boy!