Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Today, the kids had the day off from school and we tried to talk to them about why. We talked about what a Veteran was, what they have done, and how that helps us. Each Wednesday, the kids on our street get together for "Kids Club". All this really is is an organized playdate at someone's house and the hosting house plans an activity for the kids to do.
Today, we made cards for a marine and his platoon. This marine is the Daddy of one of the girls in Gabby's Daisy troop.
We walked over to their house to deliver our cards and a bag of candy. The picture above was taken at a house across the street from the Marine family's house. As we knocked at their door, I got all welled up and could hardly speak. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of the kids and them yelling "Happy Veteran's Day" as the door opened.
What a pleasure to bless a veteran's family today.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Please let the grandchildren know that "GG" is very proud of them. Their great grandfathers
were in WW 11. And as an offspring, I too, thank them and you for your thoughtfulness, kindness and generousity to this family.

Shasha said...

I wish "pappy" could have been alive to see these kids.
Pappy was a good soldier. What a special gift to that family.