Sunday, June 13, 2010

100 Brownies

Tomorrow I have to start the brownie making. See, on Tuesday, my little Daisy is bridging to Brownies.

These little girls have planned their bridging ceremony down to the last little detail...the colors, the decorations, invitations and of course the treats to be served. Their request was brownies with little daisies on the top. I aim to please.
So, now I've got 100 brownies to make along with frosting and cute little piped daisies on the top. WOW that's alot of powdered sugar and melting chocolate.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for these sweet girls.

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Anonymous said...

Gabbygirl, "GG" is so proud of you. Keep growing,learning and loving all of what God has brought into your little life. Most of all learn to love God deeply and you will be all that God intends for you to be. Love