Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birdie Waste

The birds are wasteful! Do they know how much food keeps falling out of the bird feeder?

I try to be a frugal mom, making things from scratch, hiding vegetables in everything, eating leftovers and staying within the food budget. So, I darn well am not going to go to the store for the birds more than for me!
So, here is my solution:

Some people might say "white trash". I even called myself that when I was on the phone with my mom complaining that there was more seed on the ground than in the feeder.
McGuyver would be so happy to know that his precious duct tape is helping me be a frugal mom and still feed the birds.
While I was tending to the feeder with the duct tape, I had this in the oven:

Homemade granola bars. Since we fight the peanut and tree nut allergies around here, granola bars from the store are 99% of the time, out of the question. So, today, I wanted to try my hand at making them. OH BOY! Are they good!
Thank you 50 bucks a week for the inspirational recipe. I did adjust it to things I had on hand and it turned out fabulously!


Anonymous said...

O.K. now. I have a question. Since you froze left overs from January and ate it not that long ago - my question is : PLEASE freeze a bar for me and when I come for a visit May I Have It, Pretty Please with a
Cherry On Top!!!! Love

momof3under7 said...

Here's the deal. I promise that when you come to visit, I'll make a whole pan of them just for you!