Thursday, July 8, 2010

Conversation of the Day

Zack: Mommy, do I have to get married?
Mommy: No, you don't have to.
Zack: Then I'm not going to.
Gabby: Then you can't have children.
Gabby: Or get a wedding ring.
Gabby: Or get your drivers license.


Anonymous said...

No drivers license, uh,oh. Now, I wonder from where that was birthed. Have you asked Gabbygirl why she said driving license. That needs to go in the
V- childrens quotes book. Thats my vote. Love

momof3under7 said...

i'm not sure where she thought that up. but when I asked her about it, she got all embarrassed and wouldn't talk to me so I just let it go. I'd rather her say these cute things than question her too much and then she stops saying them because she doesn't like the attention.