Friday, July 2, 2010

Missing Mommom and Pappy

Loss can hit you at the oddest times. It can be a scent, a song or an activity that can just immediately remind you of someone.
Today, it happened to me. I was shucking corn at my kitchen sink and I was instantly taken back to this moment.

I thought to myself, "Oh my gosh, the last time I shucked corn, I was watching my Grandmother teach my little girl how it was done!" I got all choked up as I pulled those husks apart. I kept thinking, "Dang, I need one of those corn silk "getter-outers" that Mommom had when she was teaching Gabby".
I miss her so much. There are so many Saturday mornings that I think, "who should I call?" and instantly, I think of my Mommom and Pappy because I often called them while making breakfast for the kids. They loved to hear what I was cooking.
So, Mommom, I tried to get all the corn silk out of the corn...but I didn't do it as well as you did.

But the corn was sweet and yummy. Mine even had extra pepper on it for you Pappy.

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shasha said...

How sweet Amy. Being here at mommom's house and reading your blog has made me think about many times too. The kitchen is empty in this house now but we do have many memories and you are keeping them alive by your special moments with her. I'm so glad that your kids had opportunities to be with them. It almost seems that can hear pappy's laughter and mom's "Reid...get in here!" I know she and dad must be happy that we miss them so much. Thanks Amy and Gabby!