Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Horns of Plenty

Kids and car seats. Do you know how long it takes to get 5 kids buckled into their car seats? Well, today I had 2 cars with old ladies in them BEEPING THEIR HORNS at me to hurry up and get out of their way.
So, my sister and I went to the mall to have lunch with our kids (5 in total). We had a great lunch at Ruby's and then headed out to the car to go get frozen yogurt. The lift gate in the back of the truck and the 2 doors in the back were open as we were buckling all the kids into their car seats. My hind end was hanging out the back door when I hear this old lady in the parking space beside me yelling, "excuse me" and then a horn beeping. Could she NOT see that I was buckling kids in? Was where she had to go so important that she couldn't wait 15 seconds for me to get the buckling done? So I backed my butt out of the car, shut the door and let her go. Just as I opened the door to continue the buckling process and my sister and I were having a good laugh, I hear beeping again. I thought to myself, "seriously, this can't be happening again". I backed my butt out again to find another old lady wanting the parking space beside me. I slammed the door and stood at the side of the car and motioned that little old lady into her spot, just like the guys who work on the tarmac at the airport that direct the planes in and out of the gate. Once that lady got into the spot beside me, I opened the door and finished buckling the 2 in the back seat.
This poor lady probably didn't realize that just 20 seconds before I'd had the exact same experience but I think she was a little embarrassed because, she didn't open her car door until I was safely locked away in my car. But my sister didn't let the moment go without rolling down the window and yelling, "Hope you have a nice day!". She barely looked in our direction.

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