Friday, April 10, 2009

Only Hiding

It's back. Back with a vengeance. It was only hiding.

The sickness that is.

Gabby started complaining about her ears hurting again last night and by 1:30am, there were tears and alot of moaning. By 2am, Zack was awake crying that "sissy" wasn't in her bed (they share a room) and by 2:30a the baby was screaming too. Daddy wasn't home from work yet so when he came tip toeing in at 3am, the drama had just ended. Zack was finally back to sleep, Josh had settled down and Gabby had just started to drift off to sleep. She was on his side of the bed, he crawled in on my side and I ended up in the middle. Within 20 minutes I was just starting to drift off to sleep and the snoring began. Oh great. I quietly as I could got out of the middle of our bed and started making my way to the guest room.

Tears again at 6am from Gabby, Josh was up at 6:30a and Zack at 7a. Off to the Dr. at 9:15a for a 9:45 appt.

Yep, double ear infections again. This time the pain is so bad that Motrin doesn't even take the edge off. He prescribed Robitussin with Codeine. Fever, chills, ear pain, no appetite, runny nose and cough.

Oh yeah, doesn't that sound fun?

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allyzabba said...

that just sounds awful. i am so sorry that she is sick again. that is just the pits. i hope that the meds help her feel better soon and that the boys don't get it. but if the dr. said she isn't contagious maybe you will be in the clear this time around.